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Who we are

Parish Councils are the most local level of government. There are over 9,000 Parish Councils across England. The only difference between a Parish Council and a Town Council is that the latter has a Town Hall, has decided to call itself a Town Council and has a mayor.

Old Windsor Parish Council

- Represents your local community

- Delivers services to meet local needs

- Strives to improve the quality of life within the parish

Old Windsor Parish Council Amenities:


Recreation ground, tennis courts and football pitches
Dog waste facilities
Litter bins     
Public toilets
Car parks     
A Parish Council office to meet local needs
Open spaces     
An office for the local Police
Advisor for Older Residents     

Latest Parish News

Flood Information


January 2024
Flood Information

Below are a variety of sites to get information on what is happening with the river that you may find them useful. This shows the up to date river levels both upstream and downstream of Old Windsor Lock. This is probably the most useful link. As it says, this is where you can sign up for flood warnings. This is for a check of immediate risk in your area This one gives all sorts of flood risks up to five days, just enter your postcode and what type of risk you are interested in. A great one for planning and showing the flood zones.

Roadworks and Useful Links in RBWM


April 2022

For a list of the roadworks taking place in RBWM this week please go to:

To report a missed refuse bin this week please go to:

To report anything else then go to:

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